What is the UGP?

It is a platform for young and free people, who want to create a new Ukraine and will start doing it from their home, from Galicia. The UGP – is a new Ukrainian regional party, which builds its work on the understanding that it is necessary to fight not with the consequences, but with the causes of problems, which is enough at the local level too. That is why, our policy focuses on community development, but not on gaining power in Kyiv. Our goal is to protect the interests and maximize the development of Galicia.
– In our understanding, the party is a social lift, the possibility of personal development and the implementation of ideas and principles in the government and public and political life. Community leaders, community activists must go to power to implement changes, which society needs, change life for the better, not only for “the chosen”, but for everyone.
– We adhere to Christian and European values that do not exclude anyone, but, on the contrary, unite people with different views, but the same goals. We are the bearers of the Ukrainian national idea and we want these ideas to become reality. We also understand that we will not be able to change Ukraine without changing ourselves. We are ready to transfer our positive experience to other regions of Ukraine, after implementing it at the local level.
– We understand that the situation in the country is such that, If we do not unite in the quest to change life, then qualitative changes will not occur. We aim to break, rather than head the system, bringing together all the best people and the best initiatives for this.
The UGP – is a multi-leader party, where the leader is elected for a limited period and represents the policy of the entire party, but not just individual groups of influence. The party is financed by voluntary contributions of people, who are in sympathy with our policy, contributions from the party members and at the expense of other sources, in accordance with the Laws of Ukraine. We avoid financial dependence on one source of funding. All financial issues are clear to party members and their supporters.
– The party is created from below, the people with an unstained reputation. Our goal is to introduce new policy principles, starting from the smallest community. The policy should be close to the people, and voters have to directly implement their ideas through those representatives, whom they have delegated to power. The policy should cease to be a virtual reality and a television show.
– We understand that the war is continuing in the country and the ethnic Ukrainian lands in the East are occupied by the aggressor. We will never reject our citizens and our land. Therefore, we cannot separate from this war, we accept it and will be fighting in every possible way for the national interests of Ukraine. That is why, we understand that we must start reforms within the country. Without a strong army, the economy, without overcoming internal corruption – we will not be able to withstand external challenges and threats.
Ukraine must become a member of NATO and the EU, but only as an equal partner. Therefore, we must move towards the introduction of world standards in Ukraine in all spheres of public life. This will be our way to the Euro-Atlantic communities and a genuine presence in the world community of the developed countries. Our main goal is a strong and independent Ukraine.
– Corruption is one of the main threats to the statehood of Ukraine. We propose to fight corruption not only at the top, but also from below, starting from the smallest communities. We will control every public hryvnia, provide an inflow of investments, creating new workplaces and using all resources for the benefit of the communities, but not individual families or business groups. Fighting corruption must be systemic and comprehensive. We want to change the management system in all areas, so that it ceases to encourage people to commit acts of corruption.
Our goal is maximum self-government, so that each community can dispose of its resources for the benefit of those people, who live there. If the problem can be solved at the local level – it has to be settled there. We are for the development of our communities, using European experience, implementation of e-government, reducing the number of state services and departments, which interfere, but do not help people.
– We support the reduction of the number of deputies of local councils. The deputies must be chosen by the community, first of all, for their professional and organizational abilities, good reputation and patriotism. We believe that, in the future, the state should provide for such deputies a salary and personal responsibility for realizing the needs of society. Deputies must become true representatives of their communities, and voters should get a mechanism for withdrawing a deputy in case of his / her incompetence. We are for open lists, blocking with similar parties, for restricting political advertising in the mass media.

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