Manifesto of the Ukrainian Galician Party (the UGP)

The Galician people have always considered the building up of Ukraine as their mission. By directing their efforts to achieve this dream, they do not consider their own needs and interests, exhausting their own potential to the bottom. Today, it would seem that the dream has come true: Ukraine exists and can defend itself.

But it turned out that Ukrainian state by its form is not Ukrainian in its essence at all. Instead of a dreamed national state of the Ukrainians, a corrupted to the core, authoritarian, and unfair state arose. Current excessive centralization of power in such broken up country as Ukraine became the reason for that most of the population and entire regions are alienated from politics and the process of making vital decisions.

The impact of Galicia on the building of the state and Ukrainian politics is minimal, the Galicans have no real influence on the state of affairs not only in Ukraine, but also in Galicia itself. The top of the national and democratic parties considers Galicia not as a test ground for reformist ideas and its propaganda in front of the whole Ukraine, but solely as a springboard for the assault of the Kyiv power peaks

Therefore, it is absolutely necessary for us now to create a political force that will be able to realize our vision of Ukraine as a state, Ukrainian in essence and European by values. And we will start from Galicia.

Galicia does not exist politically. We, the Galicians, have neither our own party, nor the elite, taking care of our region and representing its interest. The figures, who receive a mandate from Galician voters in Ukrainian politics, very quickly limit the sphere of their interests to Kyiv, where there are the highest opportunities and the biggest bribes, but the least responsibility. Serving other parties’ and business projects, they dissolve among those, who, under cover of patriotic slogans, try to get hold of power and get rich.

Galicia currently has neither defined own interests, nor representatives of these interests. Our region is pushed to the margins, it becomes a reservation – an economic, political and, above all, spiritual one. And without a powerful Galicia, Ukraine will turn into an abandoned territory, deprived of European identity. On the way back to Europe, after us, the Galicians, there is a century experience of the continuous development of civil society – the sacrificial work of several generations for the development of social, educational, cooperative, sports and other organizations. It is the experience, lacking in Ukraine. It is the experience that should not be lost without a trace, a dust should not fall on it in museum showcases and on archival shelves. It is the experience that we have to study, revive and develop in the new conditions, and share it with all the Ukrainians.

It is possible and necessary to convince Ukraine of the effectiveness of the Galician approach by own example of good life, but not the export of proper declarations and slogans.

We have united in order to stop total imitation in the social and political life of Ukraine. We are striving for the truthfulness – the truth and authenticity, rights and justice, we are tired of Byzantine slyness.

We must concentrate all our efforts on Galicia, to improve and ensure normal living here. We are called for bringing to Ukraine that the result of democracy in activity and morality in the principles is a better standard of living. And then Ukraine will change.

We do not seek to make all Ukrainians Galician. To build a united Ukrainian nation, we must realize an important thing – we are different, and this our difference we are called to turn from the source of conflicts into a competitive advantage. The path to this is through the decentralization of power and the creation of a genuine, and, therefore, fair, law-governed state.

We do not require special privileges for Galicia. But we firmly demand respect for our values and the right to create our own destiny.

If we create a worthy Ukrainian project with the priority of eternal, God’s values in Galicia, then Ukraine will take place. Let it originally take place in a limited area, but it will spread very quickly after that.

Only then Galicia will be able to engage the whole Ukraine as a locomotive to the Euro-Atlantic community, where respect for the dignity of everyone and the rule of law rests, where transparency of the business is cost effective, and transparency of power structures – entails responsibility of officials.

Our strength is in ourselves – the world belongs to the strong!

November 1st, 2012

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