10 Facts About the UGP

1. We created our party in 2012 to protect the interests of Ukraine and implement changes in Galicia.


2. As of 2017, our party is represented by 72 deputies in the councils of Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk and Ternopil regions and 3 village heads.


3. The party has an effective representation in Kyiv, we are starting to work in other regions of Ukraine.


4. Our party is multi-leader and has not a single-person management, decisions are taken collectively with the involvement of experts.


5. The Political Council manages the party, the executive functions are performed by the Secretariat, each region and district have their own management.


6. Our central office is located in Lviv, many district and city organizations of the party actively work throughout all Galicia.


7. In the elections of 2015, we made a qualitative breakthrough, having passed to Lviv City Council.


8. The party is financed by local entrepreneurs, we publish reports on the funds received on the official website of the party.


9. The expert groups work in the party, which develop the vision of the development of key spheres of the economy and public life.


10. We offer the mechanism of “a social lift” for active politicians, each party member may occupy any high position.